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At one point over 90% of homes in North Carolina were framed, floored, paneled, and even roofed with heart pine.

Heart pine has a magnificent history. Harvested from the center of centuries-old longleaf pine trees, this wood has nearly the density of red oak in spite of coming from a softwood tree.

From Mount Vernon to the Brooklyn Bridge, this is the timber that built America. Its high resin content makes it nearly impervious to rot or insect damage. Overharvested during the industrialization of America, real antique heart pine is now only found in old barns, homes, and nineteenth-century industrial buildings. As these old structures reach the end of their useful life, they are carefully dismantled and the heart pine is reclaimed for flooring and other applications. Its beautiful peach and mahogany colors and vanishing rareness make it highly prized today.

We'll have more info available soon, as well as a more complete history of heart pine in the Southeast.

Heart Pine and Cypress