Commitment: my workmanship is absolutely guaranteed. In the event you encounter problems due to an error on my part, you are encouraged to call immediately. I will do whatever it takes to put it right at no extra cost.

Responsiveness: if I have worked on your floor at any time, you are welcome to consult me with questions on maintenance, future improvements, problems, and any other wood flooring thoughts that cross your mind. There is no expiration date.

Dedication: I don't offer painting, carpet, laminate, dog sitting, or any service except wood flooring design, installation, refinishing, and consultation. Expertise and specialization on my end translate to value and peace of mind for you.

About the owner

About the company

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Kent Will, owner of Old Town Wood Floors. I had the privilege of growing up in a small North Carolina town, but first learned the wood flooring trade after moving to Idaho. My employer was a skilled floorman with thirty five years of experience, who was himself "broken in" by a Swedish floorman born in the late 1800s.

After working in Idaho for four-plus years I returned to my North Carolina roots, finding work with a local company. There I gained experience with a larger array of modern tools and techniques. Today, as head of my own company, I stay in touch with industry advances by studying trade journals and talking to fellow craftsman.

With years of experience and a passion for the beauty of wood, I believe Old Town ranks with the best flooring services available today. We’re committed to the power of wood flooring to transform any house into a beautiful home. We're neither the cheapest nor the most expensive service in town, but with our emphasis on detail and commitment to using the highest quality materials, I'm convinced we provide a premium value.

Our floors can be found across the state of North Carolina, from Wilmington to Winston-Salem. We concentrate on the Albemarle region of northeastern North Carolina, but travel anywhere for historic homes and other custom work.

Old Town Wood Floors a legitimate, tax-paying business, and we carry a full complement of insurance and worker's compensation for your safety.

I am committed to these principles in conducting business:

Personal oversight: as the owner, I will be involved in your project from start to finish. I do not contract my work out to third parties, and I do not employ unskilled labor.

    Premium Installation and Refinishing