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Is it time to upgrade?

The path to a stunning hardwood floor starts with the realization that it's time for a change: it may be extending hardwood floors into your master bedroom, or getting rid of the worn carpet. Maybe you want to change that faded honey color from the 90's into a beautiful dark stain.

Big companies thrive on uniformity: that's why your floors probably look like those in every other house in your neighborhood. As a small firm, we specialize in hardwood flooring upgrades, matching additions, and retrofitting with custom design elements. We're experienced in a large variety of wood species, customized stain colors, and out-of-the-ordinary finishes.

If you need to extend your floors, update your style, or break out of the cookie-cutter mold, we'd love to hear from you.

Historical restorations

Hardwood floors are meant to last for generations. Many historic floors are now cultural treasures: restoring them is not a project for the handyman! Just one improper sanding attempt can wipe decades from the life of a floor that might literally be irreplaceable.

Antique floors often showcase a quality of wood that is no longer possible to source from contemporary forests. Genuine old heart pine and chestnut, for example, are either functionally extinct or exist only under stringent federal or state protection. Even oak, as common as it is today, was typically of higher quality in previous generations. 

We've never found anything to match the satisfaction of carefully and sensitively restoring historic floors. Working with our large stable of suppliers and specialty dealers, we can make repairs using historically accurate grades and styles of wood. We even have finish options that replicate the hand-rubbed oil finishes of the past while providing modern-day levels of durability and protection.

To date we have restored floors in fifteen National Historic Registry homes, from Old Salem to Wilmington to Edenton, including historic museums and colonial-era plantations. We would love to help you preserve your old floors, too.

Remodeling and Home Design

    Premium Installation and Refinishing    


Antique heart pine floors in the cupola of the Bellamy Mansion in Wilmington, NC, restored by us after hurricane damage